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Using the Key Tool on the Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK

For old time users of mechanical keyboards like myself, the key tool may already be a familiar sight. For first timers, though, it may look nothing but a strange piece of mechanical alien. It is, however, really easy to use and very helpful when in need of a closer inspection of the insides of your keyboard. The Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK, at Macro Logic online, has its own key tool and this is one reason I switched to Cooler Master after 3 long years of being with Logitech.

To use this Cooler Master artwork’s key tool, you just need to take its two tiny legs and slither them over the key you wish to pull. Push all the way down and once an audible click is heard, you are assured of a secure grip. Once you feel the grip is tight, insert any finger into the ring and give it a gradual heave. You may, of course, want to be careful since this is not a cheap product. Returning the key requires the same process. Get a hold of the key tool again and place it accordingly towards the empty shell. Push all the way done until the click of grip is heard.

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Getting the Best from the Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK

I’ve been using a Rosewill mechanical keyboard for the longest time until I heard from a colleague that I may want to try the Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK. This product is the latest cleverness from Cooler Master and out of curiosity, I chose to give it a try. I was ecstatic and amazed at how it proved to be of total convenience to me.

The vibrant LED backlights, along with their modes and brightness degrees, came in as comfort to my working late nights. Since I am a fast typist, the NKRO function is a relief knowing that numerous and simultaneous key presses will not be a problem and will not create a beeping sound. Media keys are also available for quick display of my favourite movies, songs, and music videos. Finally, and the most important consideration of a gamer like myself, it has a Windows key lock so my gaming is unstoppable and uninterrupted! Take a look at the Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire TK at Lexa Lab.

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Green Pea and Goat Cheese Salad from Hilah Cooking

Spring is once again upon us and what better way to take a break from our long, tedious days of spring cleaning that to get a refreshing snack that captures the mood and the nuances of the bounties of our land.

Hilah Cooking Show features a visit on one such location. With that, she comes home with the most delightful (and idiot-proof) recipe for green pea and goat cheese salad.

Check out the full recipe here.

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Budget Blackberry Phones: Still an Option in 2013

When Barak Obama took office as president, his refusal to give up his Blackberry was one of the items to make the news. In 2009, these phones were the original data phones and in high demand.

During Obama’s first term in office, the iPhone and Droids stole many of Blackberry’s users and has left these phones at the bottom of the list for most users. In hopes to recover part of those former customer, RIM, the manufacturer of the Blackberry has promised to release budget Blackberry phones.

Advantages of the QWERTY Keyboard

I currently use an iPhone; however, one of the things I miss from my Blackberry is the real QWERTY keyboard. I am a big guy and have fat fingers. Even with my iPhone turned sideways, I find myself making many corrections as the touch screen sensors pick up the adjacent letters when I am typing. The Blackberry curve remains available with the feature I miss.

How Low Can the Blackberry Go

To sweeten the deal, I could have this phone for under $80 on a prepaid plan through Boost mobile. T-Mobile and Verizon both offer the same phone for under $50 with a two year contract. In addition, subscribers are no longer charged the additional fee just because the phone is a Blackberry.

Blackberry Innovations Still to Come

Sadly, the newest model of the Blackberry, the Z10 to be released by T-Mobile in March is doing away with the QWERTY keypad in favor of the touch screen. It is not expected to be a budget friendly Blackberry, setting customers back almost $1000 for use on a prepaid plan. I for one will not plan to make the switch anytime soon.

Blackberry was the original data phone. It was responsible for many of the innovations consumers now use their phones. While there are still some Budget Blackberry Phones available at a great price, expect older technology when using these devices.

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Budget Blackberry Phones for the Holidays

Nowadays, due to high technological advancement, smartphones have become part and parcel of the common man’s life. People use smartphones for communication, interaction, business and entertainment among many other things.

Choosing the type of smartphone to purchase is not an easy task. This is because there are many brands that come with different kinds of features. One of the top reputable brands is Blackberry.

Many people yearn to own these phones, but shun away from that thought since they cannot afford them. However, here comes some good news for such people. There are budget blackberry phones available in the market.

How to Find Budget Blackberry Phones

I currently own a blackberry phone. However, unlike what many people think, I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it. In fact, I barely broke a sweat. Here is how I did it.

The first thing you need to understand is that bigger price tags don’t always guarantee the best phones. This is something I had to struggle with, because according to my understanding, the quality and features of a phone are directly proportional to its price. Well, as it turned out, that was not true.

In that case I had to check several blackberry models and see which one was best for me. This meant overlooking useless extra features and concentrating on the fundamental ones. I then did a comparison of the price tags. This helped me find blackberry models which not only suited my needs but also fit my budget. There several types of budget blackberry phones that I would recommend.

Top Picks

There are many cheap blackberry phones that one can find online or in local stores. Personally, I found several recent models that are worth every single penny they cost. They include blackberry tour 9630, Blackberry Bold 9700 and Blackberry curve 8520. Their price ranges from $100 to $180 and they come with all essential features.

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Extra Memory and the Security System

When you are thinking of buying a wireless security camera system, there are a lot of options available to you. When I was thinking of buying one, the main thing I was worried about was how the system recorded the footage.

With a cheaper wireless security camera system, you might only have the option to record to SD cards. If this is the case, then use the SD card that comes with the system and then upgrade later. If you don’t get free cards, then move on to another system.

If you have paid a bit more for the system then you should expect to get a DVR with the wireless security camera system. Sometimes you will only get 500GB with the system and I would say that is sufficient as long as there is space to upgrade later. I wouldn’t settle for less than that though.

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Total Control on Guest Posting Service

There are many techniques to be on top of the Internet ranking. That is a process which Internet marketers studies almost every day. It is a profitable position that many investors have found a way to create assistance where in to lessen the work that needs to be done. To do your job faster you have to purchase subscription to any of these services.

Unfortunately, not all of this company can handle the promised service. Luckily, I have tried one that I am still paying for until this very minute and that is the guest posting service provided by Guest Post Me. What do I adore about their service? There features especially the total control with my links and posts. I can edit and redo my write ups or submitted links easily.

There respond to my alterations is fast too. There settings are user friendly. You can find your ways to their categories. It is simple yet specific unlike other posting services that need to do a lot of set up in order for you to publish one post. Mostly, these services do not allow you to change some editorial features. So you have to make sure everything is right before you actually submit it. Errors are unavoidable.

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Top 5 Budget Blackberry Phones

Blackberry’s fall from the smartphone market is well known by consumers all over the world. However, not everyone can afford an iPhone or top-of-the-line Samsung. For many people, getting a Blackberry is the perfect combination of affordability and top quality. Here are some of best budget blackberry phones on the market.

Bold 9900

Blackberry phones were always known for being easy to use, but until the release of the 9900 they lacked a key feature: a touchscreen. However, with the launch of the 9900 you get the classic Blackberry look with a perfectly functioning touchscreen. Until the BB10, it has also been the thinnest Blackberry available.

Torch 9180

Not everyone is a fan of the Torch, but if you don’t mind a larger, sliding phone, then the Torch is perfect for you. It also has a touch screen and comes with very long battery life. A fast CPU is also included, making the Torch ideal for browsing websites and viewing media.

Torch 9860

This was the first touchscreen device created by RIM. While you shouldn’t expect a lot of power from this phone, it still has everything that you’ll need for making calls, sending texts, taking pictures, and browsing the web. It is also a lot cheaper than the previous two BB’s and works equally well. It’s only weak spot is that it doesn’t have RIM’s famous keyboard.


The Blackberry Curve series was what gave the Blackberry mass appeal to consumers. There is no doubt that this is a good looking phone, thanks to its curved, sleek design. To this day, many consumers feel that RIM has not been fully able to replicate the success of the Blackberry curve. It is also very cheap now and can be purchased either “free” or with a carrier like Sprint or T-Mobile.


The Blackberry Bold is my personal favourite. While its technology has been long surpassed by other brands, it is still a solid and good-looking device. This is the famous “bullet-proof” Blackberry that can withstand just about anything you throw at it. It is also very cheap and quite easy to use.

Author: Nick Gordon is a tech specialist whose hobby is testing the latest gadgets.

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Awesome Colour Combination at the Best Budget Hotel in Pampanga

As an Interior Designer, I’m a living proof of perfectionism when it comes to colour combination and style. They’re the very things that I live for because success in my profession depends so much on a right judgment. Imagine my surprise when upon a friend’s recommendation, I spent the night at possibly the best budget hotel in Pampanga known as Otel Pampanga.

It was love at first sight! The room was exact replica of my long-time inclination to minimalist approach and zen ambiance. With the ideally refined touches of matte greens, pale yellows, stone blacks, and earth browns come the revelation of soothing spectacle that my eyes won’t ever get tired of watching. The assembly of the furniture was intricately executed so that each movement I made spelled comfort and ease.

Staying in this haven was a pleasure not only to the sight but more so to my spirits. It is something I will never get tired of doing all over again in the future. Two thumbs up!

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Reasons Why it is The Best Budget Hotel in Pampanga

People travel to enjoy and that’s why many people wants to visit the Philippines especially Pampanga. Travelling doesn’t have to be that expensive in the Philippines. You can get good quality souvenirs for a low price and places there are affordable too especially when you book your stay at Otel Pampanga, the best budget hotel in Pampanga. It is most well-known hotel in the area that you can get for just £23 to £30. With that price tag you can get 24 hours hotel service, hot and cold shower, free Internet access, and TV with international channels.

Through booking yourself or your group to their hotel will save you a lot of money and will surely relieve your stress. They rooms are not the most luxurious hotels there is but assured to be the most relaxing. They have a special room that is called the Garden room.

These rooms are very refreshing and it’s like literally sleeping in the Garden. The aroma is there and their rooms not only the Garden room is designed to be simple yet relaxing. Their interior designer has studied how to make the rooms comfortably relaxing to all stressed out travellers.

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